36 Million Migraine Campaign


36millionlogoYour support CAN make the difference!

Please donate today to the 36 Million Migraine Campaign!

In 2009, Cindy McCain embarked on a national effort to raise awareness of migraine. She showed us what personal power and commitment can do to make the world finally pay attention to this devastating disorder.  Mrs. McCain has made an unequivocal leadership commitment to this effort and launched the 36 Million Migraine Campaign at the 2013 International Headache Congress in June 2013. View her Keynote address here

You may be one of 36 million Americans with migraine. If all of us donated just one dollar - for ourselves or for someone we know or love who has migraine - we can raise $36 million. So little can and will do so much! That's more than twice as much as the federal government allocates for migraine research each  year!

Together we will all be pioneers - because no one has ever tackled migraine funding on a scale like this before. Please join all of us in supporting the goal of raising 36 million dollars - donate today!


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