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Migraine and Tension-Type: A Real Pain in the Neck

How many times have you heard someone describe something (or someone) that’s annoying as “a pain in the neck”? For lots of people, neck pain is much more than just an old saying.


Is Colic an Early Sign of Migraine?

As long as babies have been born, parents and doctors have struggled to find a remedy for the condition known as colic. Defined as inconsolable crying in otherwise healthy babies,1 and often recognized by “The Rule of Threes,”2 it’s estimated that 1 in 5 newborns suffers from colic.


Migraine Remains Highly Prevalent Medical Condition, According to New Study

Women, Vulnerable Populations Bear Disproportionate Disease Burden; ER Visits Common, But Best Treatments Not Usually Prescribed (View Referenced Paper)


American Headache Society Provides Updated Assessment of Medications to Treat Acute Migraine

New Guidelines Will Inform Treatment Choices, Facilitate Doctor-­‐Patient Discussion


American Migraine Foundation Seeks to Create First National Patient Registry

The American Migraine Foundation is seeking funding in efforts to create the first Migraine Patient Registry and Biorepository – an international database of information on every person who has migraine, along with a collection of physical samples of saliva, blood and other genetic materials and biological fluids, and brain images – all of which can be used when conducting migraine research.

Results: 51 Articles found.
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