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AMF Offers Food Tips Plus Other Holiday Advice for Reducing Migraine Attacks

How to Avoid Foods that Trigger Migraines During the Holiday Season


Parents Need to Take Lead on Teen Concussion Prevention

Expert advises protective gear, and baseline concussion testing for athletes...


Vision-based Test Accurate and Easy for Concussion Screening

The tragedy of Ohio State football player Kosta Karageorge, who was found dead this week after a suicide, could be linked to head injuries. He had complained of concussion symptoms and confusion...


New Drug May Completely Prevent Migraine Attacks. . .Someday

Migraine affects millions of Americans, but only a few drugs can prevent its painful, disabling attacks, and no drug has ever been developed specifically for that purpose.


Chronic migraine: a pain for friends and families

Most people understand that chronic migraine (CM) can be a painful, disabling experience. But few recognize how much it can affect those closest to CM patients: family and friends...

Results: 45 Articles found.
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