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New Drug May Completely Prevent Migraine Attacks. . .Someday

Migraine affects millions of Americans, but only a few drugs can prevent its painful, disabling attacks, and no drug has ever been developed specifically for that purpose.


Chronic migraine: a pain for friends and families

Most people understand that chronic migraine (CM) can be a painful, disabling experience. But few recognize how much it can affect those closest to CM patients: family and friends...


Magnets Stimulate Vets with Headache from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

The most common combat injury among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans is mild traumatic brain injury...


In Migraine, Personality can Affect how Others view the Condition

Doctors can prescribe treatment to relive the symptoms of migraine, but many other factors can affect how patients experience the condition...


Headache Specialists are more likely to Prescribe Migraine-Specific Drugs than Opioids

Most patients diagnosed with migraine are first seen by a primary care physician (PCP)...

Results: 42 Articles found.
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