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Demystifying Migraine

It’s estimated that ~ 36 million Americans suffer from migraine, but only 1 of every 3 people talk with a doctor about their headaches. Of those, only half get the right diagnosis. For more than 90% of those affected, migraine interferes with education, career and social activities. To raise awareness of the impact of migraine, and to encourage people suffering from them to speak with a headache specialist, “Demystifying Migraine” has been created. This whiteboard animation shows a glimpse of what people living with migraine go through, helping those who suffer in silence to take back control of their lives.
Help us raise awareness and by posting the video on your Facebook and Twitter pages, for every view, Depomed, Inc. will donate $1 to the American Migraine Foundation and $2 for every share on Facebook and Twitter, up to $15,000.


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